About us

We are the official distributor of Hardline Nutrition Supplements in Lebanon and MENA Region. All products are manufactured by Hardline Nutrition in Turkey. We provide wide range of top quality supplements and we strive to meet the expectations of our clients.

Hardline Nutrition, which has the widest product range among brands in Turkey, has gained the trust of users with more than 3,000,000 products in the field of sports foods and nutritional supplements since 2003.
Hardline Quality and R&D laboratory, which was established to meet the demands and needs of the consumers, became the first and only laboratory in Turkey in the field of sports nutrition products, with an investment of $ 400,000 through projects carried out with TUBITAK. Kavi Gıda carries out its production under the approval and control of the TR Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, under completely hygienic conditions and with advanced technology in its own production facilities, and imports the raw materials to be used in production from companies that are patented or produce the highest quality. There is no lard and pork additives in any of its products, and it is the only company that has all its products certified with Halal certificate.
Hardline Nutrition products are produced by the International Organization for Standardization, which is the most comprehensive system in the field of food safety in the world, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Hazard Analysis and Critical Points ISO 22000:2005 Food Standards. It is produced and monitored with the Security Management System.
The Hardline Nutrition manufacturing facility is certified by Switzerland-based SGS, an independent worldwide certification body. In order to ensure and control all the conditions of the standard, microbiological and chemical analyzes are carried out in each production.
HARDLINE NUTRITION also stands by sports and athletes by establishing Body Development, Arm Wrestling and Motorsports Clubs under the Hardline Sports Club Association in order to train young athletes for the first time in our country.