The Best Supplements for Performance Enhancement

We have prepared a list of 5 supplements that are most preferred by athletes and increase their performance the most, and we examined the features of the products in the list:

1- Hardline Nox 2 Black Mulberry 1090gr

hardline nox 2

Hardline Nox 2 Black Mulberry 1090 Gr, which contains about 30 scales in its 1090 gram package , seems to be the most preferred and preferred supplement as a performance enhancer. The serving amount, that is, 1 scoop, is specified as 36 grams. The recommended usage and duration for intermediate and advanced users are as follows: “1 portion [1 measure (60 cc= 36g)] is mixed with a large glass (300ml) of water and taken once a day. The supplement, which is seen to be very advantageous in terms of price / performance, can cause insomnia when taken late due to the caffeine it contains.

The supplement, which has 119 kcal energy in 1 serving, meets about 7% of the daily energy need. The product, which does not contain fat, contains 9 grams of carbohydrates , which meet about 5% of the daily need . The product, which contains 21 grams of protein in 1 serving, provides 40% of the daily protein need thanks to this feature . Other substances in the product are Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Potassium, Caffeine, Creatine Monohydrate , L-Citrulline, which is important for ATP. In addition to Malate, Arginine AKG, L-Glutamine , Bcaa , Betaine, L-Tyrosine, Taurine andIt can be represented as substances such as ornithine HCl .

The purpose of the product, which is formulated and enriched with carbohydrates and amino acids , is explained as helping the formation of positive nitrogen balance and protein synthesis. It aims to increase performance, strength and endurance. Developed as a powder form and as a pre- workout product, Hardline Nox 2 Black Mulberry 1090 Gr seems to be a product that can enable athletes to get better results.

Thanks to this content, it helps to provide the necessary energy, increase muscle torque, prevent catabolism, increase the rate of ATP formation during exercise, and increase the phosphocreatine level to its normal value after exercise. It ensures that more nutrients and oxygen are transported and that nutrients are used by metabolism as soon as possible and where they are needed. Hardline Nox 2 , which gets close to 100 (97) points out of 100 from its users , manages to stand out among performance-enhancing supplement options.

2- Hardline Carbopure is 4000 g

hardline carbopure

The serving amount of the product presented in a 4000 gram package is determined as 2 scales. This serving is 46 grams, so there are approximately 87 servings in the package. It is recommended to use the product as follows: “Mix 1 portion (2 scoops) with 300 ml of water and take 30 minutes before exercising. In addition, take 1 more service within 1 hour after sports”. This advice applies to both intermediate and advanced users.

While there are no negative effects of the product, its rapid effect and the fact that it contains pure carbohydrates are listed as positive aspects.

The supplement, which does not contain added sugar, sweetener and flavor, contains 46 grams of complex carbohydrates in 1 serving, as much as the entire serving . The amount of energy contained in 1 serving is stated as 184 kcal.

Carbopure produced from medium-length granular glucose polymers obtained from corn ; It is produced to help gain long-term energy, help glycogen storage, increase performance and gain endurance. The product, which increases the absorption of creatine , becomes even easier to achieve these goals.

The use of fats and proteins in the absence of glycogen in the body causes the release of various toxins, fatigue and nausea. Therefore, carbohydrate supplementation enables athletes to work for longer periods without fatigue and loss of performance. This makes them more durable than athletes who take protein or other supplements, increasing their chances of winning and being successful in endurance sports. Hardline Carbopure , produced as 100% pure complex carbohydrate containing 5 times more carbohydrates than simple carbohydratesIt can be shown among the types of supplements that professional athletes should prefer.

3- Hardline Beta Alanine 300gr

hardline beta alanine

Beta Alanine , an amino acid derivative, contains 100 servings in a 300 gram package. The advice given for the use of the product, which is shown as 1 scale, ie 1 serving of 3 gr, is as follows: “Use 2 times a day by mixing 1 measuring cup (3 gr) with 150 ml of water 30 minutes before and immediately after physical activity”. This is the recommended usage for intermediate and advanced level. Therefore, it can be used before and after training. Since it is flavorless, you can use it by adding it to other supplements.

The positive aspects of the product can be shown as containing pure beta-alanine and not containing preservatives and sweeteners. It does not create a significant negative effect on its users. The product contains 100% Beta Alanine , that is, 3000 mg in each serving .

Beta alanine triggers the production of carnosine in muscle cells. Carnosine (carnosine) plays a role in regulating the acidity level in the muscles. As the muscles continue to contract, they become more acidic. Therefore, the ability of the muscles to contract decreases. It finds one of the ways the muscles get tired. Carnosine, on the other hand, decreases the acidity and increases the amount of work that the muscles can do before they get tired, and prevents the contraction of the muscles from decreasing.

Beta alanine raises the PH level in the muscles. This contributes to muscle endurance during physical activity and helps to prevent muscle wasting. Therefore, it helps to improve the athletic performance of people engaged in sports such as bodybuilding, boxing and running. Studies of men and women doing high-intensity training showed that Beta Alanine supplementation increased oxygen uptake and respiratory threshold, endurance, and lean muscle mass; reveals that it reduces body fat ratio and whole body mass. Hence Hardline Beta Alanine The supplement named 300 Gr is shown as a product preferred by professional athletes and heavy exercisers who want to increase their endurance and performance.

4- Hardline Taurine  100% Powder 300gr

hardline taurine

Hardline Taurine  100% Powder 300 Gr is a product whose serving quantity is shown as 1 measure (3gr). In other words, there are 100 services in this package.  The advice given for the use of medium and advanced Hardline Taurine is as follows: “Use 2 times a day by mixing 1 scoop (3 g) with 150 ml of water 30 minutes before and immediately after physical activity”. Since it is flavorless, it can be used by adding to existing supplements.

The product, which contains 100% pure Taurine, contains 3,000 mg of Taurine in 1 serving . While this product is listed as a positive aspect, it can be said that there is no negative aspect in the product.

Taurine , a semi-essential amino acid , helps regulate calcium and potassium balance in the brain and nervous systems. Having protective properties on the basis of cells increases endurance and resistance in all kinds of exercises. As a result, it is a substance that increases mental and physical performance and helps to increase endurance and resistance. Hardline Taurine , which increases the level of taurine, which helps to increase the endurance and performance of professional and / or intense training athletes and other people, can be shown among the prominent supplement types.

5- Hardline Arginine Liquid Green Apple 1000ml

hardline arginine liquid

Produced in liquid form, Hardline Arginine Liquid is offered for sale in 1000ml packages. The 1000 ml package of the product, whose serving quantity is shown as 1 scale (30 ml), contains 33 servings. For intermediate and advanced levels, it is recommended to take 1 scoop 30 minutes before the sport.

Hardline Arginine Liquid , which is absorbed quickly thanks to its liquid form, can cause insomnia due to the caffeine it contains when taken in the late hours. The fact that 5g Arginine contains AKG is also shown among its positive features.

1 serving contains 5,000 mg of L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, 750 mg of Taurine , 250 mg of L-Carnitine , 200mg of Caffeine and 21 mg of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine).

The product, which offers the complex content in liquid form, is listed as a pre- workout supplement. Thanks to its successful content, it helps athletes achieve better results.